Lets make them pay!

“Vote Brexit Party”

The United Kingdom of Great Britain.

We have a government that makes promises and then breaks these promises regarding a referendum on either staying within the EU or leaving it. We have a Prime minister that also ignores these promises and the result of the referendum. She further goes on to ignore the will of parliament when the “Treaty” not “Deal” she puts forward to the MPs is voted down. Not once, but three times so far.

It is our opinion that MPs cannot be trusted !

We the people, that voted to leave the European Union are being ignored, vilified and generally abused by the government, social media, big business, the main stream media and many others that have a vested interest to stay within the EU.

Virtually all avenues of redress are closed to us.

17.4 million people have little they can do, not just to get the message across that we are being ignored, but to apply any sort of pressure to make leaving the EU happen. ( This was not the promise made to us by all political parties that the referendum will be a once in a lifetime referendum vote.)

It is the opinion of the UK Network foundation group of people that MPs can not be trusted or taken at their word in matters relating to leaving the EU. We believe we will be lied too, have false promises made to us, placated and generally taken as fools by them, with the aim of undermining our determination to regain our sovereignty back for the UK and it’s people.

As far as we at the UK Network can see, the most powerful

tool we have at our disposal is the ability to vote.

It is that ability to vote that we are going to concentrate on for all 17.4 million people.